Our purpose

Helping every child to
thrive in their digital life

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Schools supported:

across three continents

Children kept safer:

around the world

A child at potential serious risk found every 3 minutes

Welcome to

We are a global technology company, dedicated to keeping children safe and well in their digital lives.

We do it by harnessing the power of connection to close the gaps they fall through, and to seamlessly support them on all sides - at school, at home and everywhere in between.

Our connections define us. We're uniting all parties to advance child digital wellbeing to levels never before seen.

Because none of us is as powerful as all of us.


Who we are

Meet our
Qoria family

We are a family of expert teams.

We may not have the same name but we all share the same determination to keep children safe and thriving in their digital lives, wherever they are. 

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Linewize (North America)

Helping schools, students and families develop better digital habits with the most comprehensive solutions in North America.

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Linewize (New Zealand)

Helping schools and their communities raise the bar in student digital wellbeing to levels never before seen.

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Linewize (Australia)

Working with schools to transform student wellbeing and learning outcomes.

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A pioneer in digital safeguarding solutions for schools, Smoothwall has been the UK market leader for over two decades.

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Over 5 million parents trust Qustodio’s parental control tools to keep their kids’ screen time safe and balanced.

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ySafe's award-winning team provides cyber safety education and support to schools across Australia.

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News & insight

Student self-harm: Warning signs, risks and school responses


Accessing self-harm content online, evidence suggests, signals a student is at psychological risk. How much is at risk, and whether that risk involves troubling thoughts or troubling actions, is a tougher question.

Twitter ticks and the implications for child online safety


There’s been widespread publicity surrounding the removal of ‘legacy’ verification ticks from Twitter accounts. It brings with it implications for student online safety – so here’s a round up of the latest developments.

A guide to using parental controls for under 8s


An upset toddler becoming instantly calm when handed a device is a scene familiar to many parents. With their bright colors and satisfying sounds, devices quickly attract young kids’ attention and put them, temporarily at least, in a good mood. 

Hong Kong School centres wellbeing in all pillars of student life

Educator Impact

Harrow strives to promote a strong sense of wellbeing in its three pillars of education: academics, co-curriculars, and pastoral care.