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Qoria People is the recruitment website for Smoothwall (UK), Linewize in North America, Australia, New Zealand and Qoria in Spain.   


If you're looking for a new role with purpose, you've come to the right place.

We have a simple philosophy at Qoria - that none of us is as powerful as all of us.

Our solutions change, enhance and save the lives of children every single day. And that can only happen when the world's most talented and determined people work together to make it so.

At Qoria every role is an opportunity to dedicate your career to achieving something genuinely meaningful.



Make an impact. A career with purpose.

Our culture - tech with purpose

Some of the world's very best professionals have chosen to work for us. They’re driving and shaping our future. Here’s what they say.


Rohan Deshpande

Principal Engineer

I have lived through Linewize by Qoria’s entire journey. When I first started, we had no products for use in schools. One of my major projects was to help build that product. I felt empowered - I got to develop a system that could potentially save a child’s life.
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Silas Sales

Senior Software Engineer

I wanted to work for an organisation that had a positive social impact. We are different; we have a mission, and we are dedicated to achieving it.
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Jennifer Capps

Head of Onboarding and Projects

The work I was doing really interested me, so I knew I wanted to become a Project Manager. There wasn’t an opportunity for me to progress in that organisation, so when I saw the job posting for a Project Manager at Smoothwall, I knew it was exactly what I wanted.
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Our values


We remember the importance of what we do. We don’t just turn up; we show up with integrity and will not give up until:

\    The job is done
\    The customer is happy
\    The teammate is supported
\    The child is protected

We own what we do and we stand behind it.

Learn. Solve. Repeat.

We’re curious and we start with questions.

We're open to new ideas, to taking risks, and to learning from our mistakes.

We want to be challenged in an ongoing pursuit of excellence.


We want others to win. So we support, challenge and champion them.

We play our own part, with the team, customers and community front of mind.

We’re transparent and we communicate openly.

We trust and believe in each other. So we ask for help, and we get it.