Project management for good

How Jennifer Capps developed
a career with purpose

There’s nothing Jennifer Capps loves more than a challenge. Her characteristically strong work ethic has served her well throughout her career, and we’re grateful she chose to write the next chapter of her story with us at Smoothwall. Meticulously organised and a clear communicator, Jennifer excels in her role as Head of Onboarding and Projects.

Facing challenges head-on

Jennifer Capps has a few clear priorities in life. She finds contentment with her husband and their 12-year-old Jack Russel, Charlie. She has an adventurous spirit, which she satisfies by travelling to new destinations. And she keeps her work life interesting by consistently taking on new challenges and developing her career. Since starting her Smoothwall journey six years ago, Jennifer has held a number of titles - a testament to her willingness to put her hand up and face challenges head-on.

Jennifer started as a Project Manager at Smoothwall before being promoted to Managing Coordinator a year and a half later. After a few years there, she progressed again to become our Head of Onboarding and Projects.. Now, she runs her own projects while also taking responsibility for the Smoothwall Installation team.

“If we’re at capacity and something urgently comes up, I like the challenge of squeezing it in. In this job, we’re safeguarding children. If we don’t fit in a project, and as a result, there’s no web filtering, it means there are kids at risk. The sheer importance of what we do means there’s more responsibility than there might be in another workplace.”

The path to project management

Jennifer attended the University of Lincoln, studying Law and Criminology. She then went to college to become a Solicitor, but realised almost immediately that it wasn’t a career path she wanted to pursue. So, Jennifer took a gap year from her studies, getting some work experience under her belt as she contemplated a different career.

Jennifer began working on the help desk for a telecoms business, moving her way up to eventually become a Project Coordinator. She fell in love with this line of work, knowing she’d finally found a career path she could happily follow.

“The work I was doing really interested me, so I knew I wanted to become a Project Manager. There wasn’t an opportunity for me to progress in that organisation, so when I saw the job posting for a Project Manager at Smoothwall, I knew it was exactly what I wanted.”

Jennifer jumped at the chance to join our team - and we’re so glad she did. Now, five years later, she’s found ample opportunity to develop her career while positively influencing children’s digital journeys.

The biggest achievement: contributing to purpose

When reflecting on her achievements, Jennifer recalls a few moments that have made her proud. Among them are her involvement in delivering a project for a council, and receiving an award for collaboration at the company Christmas party. But undoubtedly, her greatest sense of pride comes from knowing that each day, she's working towards keeping kids safe online.

“Children now are digital natives. It’s changed so much since I was their age. I have nieces and nephews who have been on the Nintendo Switch since they were three years old. Kids are fluent in technology, but they’re still kids - it’s up to adults to ensure they’re safe. If the parents aren’t tech-savvy, it can easily go wrong.”

Technology that can help schools and parents monitor children’s safety is a requirement in today’s society. At Smoothwall, we’re on a mission to ensure all children are protected. And it’s a value we all share.

“And at the end of the day, that’s why we’re all here. What matters most to me is making sure I do my job well, so my team can install our product correctly and children are kept safe.”

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