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Culture at Qoria

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Our culture isn't a project or a team. It's how we are, what we respect and the standards we each maintain as people, as well as professionals.

Culture matters

Our culture at Qoria is about community. It's about feeling like we all belong. It's about 10,000 miles apart feeling like no miles at all.

We look for passionate and skilled individuals. We also look for kind humans and people who would never think twice before supporting a colleague or going the extra mile for a customer, whenever they can.

Our people are our difference

Don't take our word for it

The best testament of life at Qoria is from those who work here. Meet some of our team.

Michael Hyndman

VP Information Security & IT

I was a consumer customer of Qoria's safety technology long before I became employed with them. When the opportunity arose to work here, I felt incredibly honoured to work for a company who has one of the most important charters in the 21st century.
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David Ball

Senior QA Engineer

The potential to grow professionally here is astounding. It’s an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of technology while helping kids to stay safe.
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Adam Lee

VP Sales, West and Business Development

I took a look in the mirror and asked myself, ‘Do you want to be just another number, or do you want to roll up your sleeves and give it a go?’ I wake up every day knowing I made the right decision to work with Qoria.
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Rohan Deshpande

Principal Engineer

I have lived through Qoria's entire journey. When I first started, we had no products for use in schools. One of my major projects was to help build that product. I felt empowered - I got to develop a system that could potentially save a child’s life.
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Jennifer Capps

Head of Onboarding and Projects

The work I was doing really interested me, so I knew I wanted to become a Project Manager. There wasn’t an opportunity for me to progress in that organisation, so when I saw the job posting for a Project Manager at Smoothwall by Qoria, I knew it was exactly what I wanted.
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Tina Searcy

Lead Senior Customer Success Specialist

I wondered how I could use my sales skills to work for a tech organization with a mission. That’s how I first heard about Qoria. Something clicked when I read about their services. I thought, ‘This is the experience I’m looking for!’.
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Tracy Harper

Senior Product Manager

It’s a testament to Smoothwall by Qoria and the culture they’ve created. It’s hard to make new people feel welcome when you’re working remotely. But I’ve had the opposite experience here. I’ve met lots of people, and I feel like part of the team.
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Karen Woodhead

Executive Vice President Global Marketing

When you ask anyone why they work here, they’ll all say the same thing: it’s about doing social good by keeping kids safe. That’s the passion that drives us all. Whether you’re writing code, managing a team, or educating parents or teachers, we’re all working towards the same goal.
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Silas Sales

Senior Software Engineer

I wanted to work for an organisation that had a positive social impact. We are different; we have a mission, and we are dedicated to achieving it.
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Joshua Nordan

Site Reliability Engineer

We all want to develop professionally, and if we have the ability to help someone else grow, we’ll do that. I’m grateful that with my experience, I’m in a position to drive that growth. I get a lot of fulfilment watching other people have a lightbulb moment.
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Harrison Parker

Executive Vice President North America

At Qoria we’re not removed from the end result. You see the impact you’re having on the students behind the screens. You know you’re going to make a difference on that student's long-term educational path.
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Mary Jackson

Senior Success Manager

When customers present a problem, it’s on me to provide the correct solution. They often don’t have the technical expertise to explain exactly what they need - it’s my responsibility to interpret their request and enable them to succeed. I’m the customers’ advocate at Qoria.
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Kat Howard

Head of Knowledge & Awareness UK

The people I work with are amazing. The value of team collaboration is something I truly feel at Smoothwall by Qoria. That care element - making sure customers are happy and get what they need - has been a big driver in my career, and it is absolutely paramount at Smoothwall. It really is a positive environment for change development.
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Tom Newton

Vice President of UK Education & Integration

One day, I was walking out of the office when I looked around and saw all the lights on the back of the computers flashing. We’d been attacked by Code Red, one of the first major internet worms. I was already using Smoothwall by Qoria on my home computer, so I introduced it to the office as well. I signed up for the mailing list, so as soon as Smoothwall sent out the job ad for a salesperson, I applied straight away.
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